Elpuncho aka Punch1943

I’m a Leaf and Jays fan.

I’ve been a Leaf fan since they started the search for Bill Bariko’s missing plane. I was on the bandwagon during the ‘Glory Days of the Leafs’ during the Punch Imlach era (Punch in my opinion was the greatest Leaf GM/Coach) and through the silliness of the Harold Ballard years. Hopefully Burkie will make us competitive before long.

I’ve been a Blue Jay fan from the start and I was one of the 152 people who chose ‘Blue Jays’ in the name the Team contest. We’ve had a few good teams and 2 great teams. Hopefully we’ll be back on top before long.

 My blogs will deal mosly with the Buds and Jays and their farm systems.

…..remember my opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it.

–  Punch


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